On Tuesday 29th June, we received a visit from the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) as part of the belated Farmvention prize awarded to some our pupils.  Last year’s Year 2 entered with two teams, one of which were selected as the winners of the regional prize for their ‘Magnificent Carrot Hoover’ and were originally invited to London to receive their award … however, Covid struck and they were sadly unable to go.

The ‘Carrot Hoover’ award winners (now in Year 3)

Since then, the NFU has been trying to arrange a visit to school to present the award, but they wanted to reward the children with a prize they could all share with their friends.  In addition to the prize giving, there were two exciting aspects to the visit.  The first was a Discovery Barn, which is a trailer full of things for the children to look at and activities for them to try their hands at.  The second was a wonderful Egg Workshop which included meeting and handling day-old chicks and learning all about hatching chicks in an incubator.  It almost goes without saying that everyone enjoyed themselves immensely, and were particularly eggcited to spend time gentle cradling the tiny chicks.

Our thanks to NFU and Farmvention for a lovely event!

The Discovery Barn
The Egg Workshop