S. Anselm’s received some very special guests yesterday as 13 former pupils returned to the School for their annual reunion! 

The gentlemen, who were pupils at the School during the 1940’s and 1950’s, meet up once a year and contacted S. Anselm’s to see if they could visit the School, of which they have so many happy memories. After enjoying an afternoon tea, our guests met with children from Year 3, who interviewed them on what life was like as a pupil of S. Anselm’s all those years ago. The children discovered that all pupils boarded back then and the school was an all boys’ school with a fraction of the pupils it holds today. The gentlemen went on to attend many of the schools our own children go on to today, including Oundle, Repton and Shrewsbury; however one of the main differences was that pupils back then did not have the use of the amazing facilities S. Anselm’s boasts today, such as an indoor swimming pool, a theatre and a full size AstroTurf pitch!

After meeting the children, our guests wandered to the School’s playing field to watch a game of cricket, before saying their goodbyes. As they gathered back in the main building, they were delighted to spot several members of the group on various cricket and other sports team historical photos proudly displayed on S. Anselm’s School walls; a perfect end to a perfect afternoon.

Acting Head, Lisa Donnelly, said,
“Meeting this marvellous group of former pupils, some of whom are in their nineties, was a real privilege. This is the second time we have welcomed them back to the School and we hope to welcome them for many years to come. Our children got so much out of meeting this group of alumni, who all share the connection of our wonderful School. They were fascinated to learn that the S. Anselm’s has such a rich history and were equally so delighted to meet a group of people who had walked the corridors of their own school so many years before them!” 

If you are a former pupil of S.Anselm’s and are interested in keeping up to date with the School’s news and alumni events, please contact Cheryl Stevens, Director of Development and Marketing: cheryl.stevens@anselms.co.uk