The Junior Forms put on a wonderful and moving production of ‘Peter Pan’ last week.

The audience was enthralled by the fast-paced action, humorous dialogue and catchy tunes. The pupils sang their hearts out and put their all into their stagecraft, showing well-practised delivery and managing an impressive sword fight.

The costumes and make-up were stunning, from Peter Pan’s and TInkerbell’s outfits to the wild warrior costumes, mermaids’ glamorous makeup and the Lost Boys’ on-end hair!

The pupils have been rehearsing since October and an incredible amount of hours have gone into preparing the show. There are a huge number of moving parts to a production; sound, lights, props, costumes, make-up, set design, choreography, stage management, and music all of which came together perfectly under the direction of Mrs Baynes.

In the run-up to the show, it becomes busier and busier and we would like to thank all the staff who dedicated so much time to ensuring it was a spectacular production.

A special congratulations go to the children of course. It was particularly great to see many of them come out of their shells (pardon the mermaid pun!) and give outstanding performances and crack painful puns to a theatre full of people!

Thank you to the staff and parents who dedicated so many hours to create the wonderful scenery and props in the run-up to the show and then on the night, thank you to all who did the sound, lights, make-up and costume changes.

Thank yous

Set Design: Mrs Bennion, Mrs Farrell and Miss Baynes
Making Props: Mr Lloyd, Mrs Schaper, Mr Repton, Mrs Brady and Mr & Mrs Horn
Backstage: Miss Flack, Mrs Buswell, Mr Lloyd
Lighting: Mr Smith, supported by Mr Newton and Mr Waxman
Makeup: Miss Judge, Mrs Farrell, Mrs Beagrie, Mrs Knights, Mrs Beecroft and Mrs Ferreira

See the full album of photos here.