Excited Pre-Prep pupils were delighted to meet a very sweet collection of animals during their visit to Peak Wildlife Park in Staffordshire, on Monday 14th March.

Our Year 1 children had such a great day during their educational trip, which linked in perfectly with their recent science lessons, in which they have been studying the diet and habitat of different species of animals. They were able to stroke the wallabies and see their babies timidly peeking out from their mummies’ pouches! The penguins and giant rabbits were also a huge hit with the children.

For Year 2, the trip was an opportunity to round their Meerkat Project off with a trip to see the real thing.  Pupils were expertly able to answer questions using the facts they learned in class. For example, did you know a bit group of meerkats is called a Mob? They also live in the Kalahari Desert and they love to eat scorpions. The children were also fascinated to learn what amazing diggers they are. The children finished the trip very enthused and keen to learn more and we are pleased to report that no extra furry friends made it on to the minibus home!