‘Baa Baa Bethlehem’ was the delightful production staged in the Hargreaves Hall by our Pre-Prep children, with a wonderful set and costumes.  The S. Anselm’s Nativity is always a real highlight of the season for our parents and this one was certainly much appreciated.

The story unfolded with four rather despondent young shepherds, who felt they were always ‘bottom of the heap’. They were never allowed to leave the hillside of even take their sheep to market, and they were certainly never allowed to sit closest to the fire on cold evenings – such treats were reserved for the older shepherds.

However, one marvellous, magical night, they were chosen to do a very special job, that would change their places in the pecking-order forever!

Well done to all our young performers and narrators for a heart warming and amusing telling of the Christmas story – with lots of lovely singing and dancing!

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