In Pre-Prep, children’s natural love of stories is fostered from the outset. They are encouraged to develop creativity in their writing, maturing into confident independent writers. As their writing develops, we help the children to balance creativity with accuracy.

We place an emphasis on developing each child’s reading ability. Our aim is to instil a love of reading and a lifelong enjoyment of books. Each child reads every day, either to their Form Teacher or a Teaching Assistant.

Poetry and drama are used to help language development and enrich the literacy curriculum. Children learn and develop their handwriting style, grammar, spelling and punctuation skills throughout the Pre-Prep.



At S. Anselm’s mathematical concepts are developed through practical, fun filled activities. A ‘hands–on’ approach creates an understanding of concepts on which all future learning is based. The children explore numbers, patterns and sequences, and are encouraged to make observations and give suggestions.

Each child develops at his or her own pace, and lessons are planned and delivered accordingly. In the Pre-Prep we like to ensure all activities are selected to challenge, stimulate and develop a positive mathematical experience.

Our aim is to fulfil every child’s mathematical potential!



Our children live in a rapidly changing technological age where technology and electronic devices are an important part of everyday life. Every child has a weekly ICT lesson in our Prep School’s outstanding ®LEGO Innovation Studio.

We embrace ICT creatively throughout our curriculum and especially in supporting and showcasing our project work.  Among the excellent facilities at our disposal are iPads, digital cameras, floor robots, mini video recorders and even green screen technology!



Personal, Social and Health Education aims to give children the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to lead confident, healthy and independent lives and to become informed, active and responsible citizens. We consider social and moral dilemmas, right and wrong behaviour including bullying. PSHE is taught through circle time and other subjects. Pre-prep assemblies are also used to reinforce school rules and acceptable behaviour.

We have a weekly good work assembly where children are given awards for effort, kindness, good manners etc. which builds confidence and a positive feeling about themselves and their peers.

Children work throughout the week to earn their right to Golden Time, by keeping the class Golden Rules. During this time children sometimes bring toys or games from home or fun activities are planned for either in or outside of the classroom.


Religious Studies

All children in the Pre-Prep gain an insight into Christianity and other world religions. Children have regular R.E. lessons and often listen to stories from different faiths. We aim for the children to become reflective and feel that they can safely ask thought provoking questions as well as learning respect for and understanding of all religions.



Throughout the Pre-Prep, the children explore science, geography and history through a wide variety of cross-curricular projects. Through these projects, the children are encouraged to develop a range of skills to enable them to extend their knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live. The children are encouraged to discover and learn through hands on investigations in and out of the classroom.

Children are always encouraged to ask “why” and put their theories to the test!

Literacy, Art and Design Technology are also incorporated within project work.

Projects in Year 1 have included Race to Space, Toys from the Past, China and Into the Woods. In Year 2 the children study the Seaside, Kenya, Bakewell and Famous People and Events.



A weekly French lesson is taught by a specialist teacher throughout the Pre-Prep school. The children follow the very popular La Jolie Ronde scheme of work. The emphasis is on spoken language and learning to communicate confidently. Children learn that acquiring the skills of another language can be fun and exciting.



S. Anselm’s Pre-Prep corridors are often ringing with the sound of children’s voices. We aim to foster a love of singing and participating in musical activities.

Each class has a weekly music lesson with a specialist teacher, where they play a range of percussion instruments and create group performances and compositions. As the children’s musical sense develops they learn to change speed, dynamics and characterisation.

Children sing daily in Assemblies and regular singing practice. At Christmas their musical skills are showcased in our now legendary Christmas plays.

We have enjoyed visits from travelling artists, which have previously included a Samba workshop and learning a Chinese Lion Dance. The choir and older Pre-Prep children are taken Carol Singing to raise money for charity.

The children have the opportunity to learn to play the piano, recorder, guitar, violin and harp, with specialist teachers.



Pre-Prep Sport is about developing a child’s co-ordination skills, improving their levels of fitness, through appropriate physical challenges, and simply having fun! Activities take place both indoors, in the school’s Sports Hall and outdoors, on the extensive playing fields and all weather Astro Turf. The school is blessed with an impressive amount of equipment and apparatus which the children love to use.

The Director of Sport and Head of Boys’ Sport from the Prep school teach the children in Years 1 and 2 for a weekly Games & PE lesson. The children experience a range of different ball games, developing their skills in sports such as netball, hockey, football and tennis, and also a range of dance and gymnastic activities. All of the children also have a swimming lesson each week in the school’s indoor pool with one of our specialist swimming coaches.

We aim to explore, encourage and extend each child’s natural physical abilities and health related knowledge, in order to foster a positive attitude to sport. We hope to achieve a balance between aesthetic and practical, individual, partner and team work, to give each child a sound and broad base from which to achieve success and develop a lifelong love of sport.

The school reviews Fees annually but they are subject to change at a term’s notice.