The annual House Pancake Races, held on Shrove Tuesday, are a long standing tradition at S. Anselm’s and greeted with every child with complete glee – as can be seen from their faces on the pictures below.  Each year the race course – held on bottom courts – has new challenges to add to the hilarity and everyone enters into the spirit.  This year was no exception and the sun shine was an added bonus.
Well done to all our pancake racers and a huge thank you to our Sports Department for devising the course and to our Catering Team for providing large quantities of pancakes!
The results are as follows.
Junior Prep Years:
First place:  Pitts,
Second place:  Wellingtons
Third place: Nelsons
Fourth place:  Churchills
Middle Prep Years:
First place: Nelsons
Second place:  Churchills
Third place:  Pitts
Fourth place:  Wellingtons
Senior Prep Years: 
First place:  Churchills
Second place:  Wellingtons
Third place:  Nelsons
Fourth place:  Pitts
The overall results (including Pre-Prep):
(4 pts for 1st, 3 pts for 2nd, 2pts for 3rd, 1 pt for 4th)
First place:  Churchills – score = 12
Second place:  Pitts  – score = 10
Third place:  Nelsons – score = 9
Fourth place:  Wellingtons – score = 8