What a glorious Autumn day for the 2020 Prep School Mud Run – which was just the bout of fun and fresh air that everyone needed!

Expectations were high for this year’s mud run and not even a global pandemic, a national lockdown or an unseasonably dry course would have stopped us from hosting the mud run.  How could we top crawling through a dark tunnel made of hay and scrambling under a camo net on the sports field?  Well, they do say ‘the more the merrier’ so this year we used 6 camo nets (over 60m long), 16 tractor tyres, an inflatable shark and duck, a very steep hill, teachers dressed up as morphs and a bear and who can forget the infamous water jump!


Every pupil from Year 3 upwards took part in the run, and hopefully in the future we can make a mini course for our Pre-Prep to make it into a truly whole school event! Every pupil was soaking wet, grinning from ear to ear and sharing their stories with their friends. Among the many highlights, Mr Simpson claims he will never forget seeing a keen teacher fall into a tractor tyre after submitting too quickly and seeing the Junior Form teachers making a splash into the water feature!

Whilst the mud run is a race, for all our pupils it is about taking part and challenging themselves through some truly wet and difficult obstacles.  The resilience shown by our runners was astounding as every pupil who started the event completed at least one full lap of the course.  Well done everyone!
The results:
It was a closely contested event, with everyone’s results contributing towards the overall House standings and mean average (the lower the mean average, the better the position).   The final results are as follows:
First place – Pitts  (6.7 mean)
Second place – Churchills  (6.9 mean)
Third place – Nelsons  (7.6 mean)
Fourth place – Wellingtons  (7.9 mean)

A huge thank you to the academic staff, Games Department and Mrs Seddon for marshaling the course, Mr Repton and Jonts who helped set up the obstacles and the kitchen staff for keeping everyone warm afterwards with hot cocoa.

Finally, whilst it was a huge shame that our parents were unable to watch, hopefully Mrs Schaper’s fantastic photos bring the event to life.
See below to browse our full gallery of event pictures.