Leavers’ Destinations

The school’s namesake, the 11th century S. Anselm, was famed for his scholarship and independence of mind, so it’s no surprise that leavers depart for the UK’s top senior schools.

The Week Magazine, Best of the Best Preps, 2017

S. Anselm’s prides itself in teaching to a very high standard so that our pupils may move on to a school that most suits them, including some of the most prestigious schools in the country.


2021 Leavers2020 Leavers2019 Leavers2018 Leavers2017 Leavers2016 Leavers
Eton (2)Barnard Castle (1)Harrow (1)Eton (1)Eton (1)Eton (2)
Oundle (5)Bromsgrove (1)Malvern (1)Malvern (1)Oundle (5)Fettes (1)
Shrewsbury (2)Downe House (1)Oakham (1)Marlborough (1)Rippon Grammar (1)Harrow (4)
S. Anselm's College (21)Eton (1)Oundle (3)Repton (1)Shrewsbury (4)Malvern (1)
Winchester (1)Oundle (5)S. Anselm's College (12)Sedburgh (1)S. Anselm’s College (8)Marlborough (1)
Repton (1)Winchester (1)Shrewsbury (4)Stockport Grammar (1)Oundle (1)
S. Anselm's College (7)S. Anselm's College (12)Stowe (1)Repton (2)

Uppingham (2)
Oakham (1)Uppingham (4)S. Anselm’s College (10)
Oundle (1)Winchester (1)St. Peter’s York (1)
Uppingham (3)Shrewsbury (5)
Winchester (1)Uppingham (2)

Many pupils achieve scholarships, awards and exhibitions at the chosen school.