Year 6 had a marvelous day at the Heritage Centre at Bosworth, learning about the famous battle between the Yorkists and Lancastrians ahead of this term’s Tudor project.  We were fortunate to have fabulous weather, which helped to make the outdoor talks and events even more enjoyable.

Our tour guide introduced the key individuals who shaped the politics of the day, and who were instrumental in bringing about the Battle of Bosworth – Henry Tudor, Richard of York and the various nobles who took opposing sides and affected the outcome with their military support.

We were shown replica weapons and some children carried the flags which would have been taken into the Battle of Bosworth itself.  We were also entertained with an array of gory details: from horses trained to stamp on opposing soldiers to the arrows designed to tear flesh when being removed from living victims!

After a brief re-enactment of the positions which won and lost during the battle, pupils and teachers met a soldier who showed us how to advance, carrying our billhooks, and attack the enemy.  He also showed everyone the equipment and uniform a soldier at that time would have, and it was interesting to see the difference between the poor soldier who had hardly any weapons or protection and the richer ones who were certainly more fortunate.

During the afternoon, Year 6 were given a tour of the Heritage Centre where they saw many weapons, clothing and artefacts of mid-fifteenth century. The pupils were able to handle these items and really get a feel for what life would have been like during the War of the Roses.