To conclude Year 3’s project on the Stone Age, the children decided to recreate a life size settlement, complete with shelter, cave paintings, fire, spear throwing, tool making, trapping, skinning, food collecting and jewelry making!

The pupils sent an email inviting their families to join them for a ‘hands on’ morning where the children taught the grown-ups all about this period in time. The finale was the ‘Great Hunt’ where the elders were encouraged to spear a painted animal target in order to feed the tribe.

Despite the drizzle, it was a fabulous morning and one that the children, parents and teachers will undoubtedly remember for some time.

Year 3 are now looking forward to entering the Bronze and Iron Ages, where they will look at natural advantages and disadvantages of sites and visit a stone circle. Towards the end of the term, the children will create a mini dwelling from their chosen era to teach Year 2 pupils all about it.