The highly anticipated S. Anselm’s Public Reading Competition recently took place, showcasing the remarkable talents of the school’s young students. The event featured 16 finalists, all of whom displayed exceptional skills in reading, making the task of selecting winners and runners-up from each year group a truly challenging one.

Mr Matthew Scholes, the esteemed Head of English at Mount St. Mary’s College, graciously accepted the role of judge for the evening. As an expert in the field, he was astounded by the level of proficiency demonstrated by the participants. Each student’s performance was met with great admiration and left an indelible impression on both the judge and the audience.

In a testament to their remarkable abilities, Mr Scholes went above and beyond by providing personalized feedback to each student, acknowledging their dedication and hard work. After much deliberation, he ultimately selected the winners and runners-up from Year 6 and Year 7, respectively.

Elsa Schaper was crowned the winner in Year 6, capturing the hearts of everyone present with her captivating reading. Her exceptional command of tone, diction, and expression brought the chosen piece to life, leaving the audience mesmerized. Following closely behind, Ian De Jong claimed the runner-up position in Year 6, impressing the judge and audience alike with his remarkable delivery.

Moving on to Year 7, Lucy B’s extraordinary talent earned her the coveted first place. Lucy’s reading skills demonstrated maturity beyond her years, showcasing her ability to captivate the audience and convey the emotions embedded within the text. Amelia G secured the runner-up position in Year 7, impressing with her undeniable passion and dedication to her craft.

Both teachers and pupils congratulated all the participants for their exceptional performances. Each student’s hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence were evident throughout the competition, reflecting their determination to showcase their literary prowess.

The success of this event would not have been possible without the parents’ unwavering support. Thank you to all the parents who actively encouraged and stood by their children’s side throughout their journey in preparation for the competition. Their support was crucial in nurturing the students’ talents and empowering them to reach new heights.

The S. Anselm’s Public Reading Competition once again demonstrated the incredible potential and talent within the school’s student body. The event served as a platform for young individuals to showcase their love for literature, build confidence, and foster a deeper appreciation for the written word. With such remarkable performances, it is evident that the future of literature is in excellent hands at S. Anselm’s.