On 2nd October, our school was extremely privileged to welcome a visit from Rolls Royce in Derby. Representatives, Judith Lesowiec and Daniel Woolley spent an interactive day with Years 3 to 5 who enthusiastically took part in their exciting High Flyers workshop.

The workshop incorporated drama, music and rhythm as it launched pupils on a journey to three islands: Stoney Rock Island, Energy Bay and the Isle of Industry. On arrival at each island, pupils engaged in problem solving activities and had tasks to complete involving engineering and jet engines. Pupils had to collect buzzwords, such as, ‘communication’, ‘innovation’ and ‘teamwork’ and enjoyed the opportunity to learn about science and engineering in a fun and informative way. On completion of this journey, all pupils became High Flyers! 

S. Anselm’s teacher, Heidi Wragg, who organised the day said,

“Judith and Daniel were both extremely professional and inspired the children, using a variety of teaching techniques including paired work, drama, music and art to deliver their presentation. The children learnt that teamwork, communication and problem solving are all essential skills; in addition, any inventions or products need to follow three processes: design, make and test!

“Both trainers were highly impressed with our children’s knowledge and enquiring questions, so much so, that our Year 7 and 8 children have been invited to visit Rolls Royce and Year 6 will also have the opportunity to participate in a High Flyers workshop in school, at a later date. We are delighted at the prospect of developing an ongoing educational relationship with Rolls Royce and give our thanks to them for providing our pupils with such a wonderful learning experience.”

Our children really enjoyed the workshop. Below is a selection of their quotes to describe the day:

 “It was brilliant”

 “We loved it”

“There was nothing boring about it”

 “I had no idea engineers could all be so different – what a cool job!”