S. Anselm’s children were honoured to learn that not one, but three projects produced by pupils in Years 3-6 have been selected for display in the National Gallery as part of the Take One Picture exhibition.

Take One Picture takes place every year and the National Gallery chooses a painting from their collection and asks schools to respond to it in a creative way. The painting this year was ‘An Experiment on a Bird in an Air Pump’ by Joseph Wright of Derby. S. Anselm’s rose to the challenge and it became the focus of their project work throughout the Lent Term last year, inspiring a diverse range of creative ideas.

‘An Experiment on a Bird in an Air Pump’ by Joseph Wright

The three winning projects were:

  • An imaginative collection of ‘Curious Creatures’, invented by the children and made from clay, fired and then glazed.
  • A creative animation. Pupils told the story behind part of the painting, using black card and other materials on top of a light box. Lego Movie was used by the pupils to turn this into an animation.
  • A selection of photographs documenting the visit of Mr Goodear, a local vet, who showed the pupils how lungs worked with the aid of some pigs lungs! Mrs Kinlen photographed the children’s reactions to the demonstration. The expressions of the children mirrored the emotions shown in the painting!

Children with vet



Children from Years 5 and 6 will be visiting the National Gallery on 27th June. They will see the Take One Picture exhibition, have a tour of the National Gallery, enjoy a boat cruise on the Thames and finish with an exciting trip on the London Eye.

You can browse the exhibition catalogue and find further details here.

The Take One Picture exhibition is now open to the public from 9th May to 11th August. We hope to take part in the Take One Picture project again next year. We eagerly wait to see which picture will be selected. Watch this space!