On 4th January, the 2023 ski trip departed for Austria; returning to the slopes of Alpendorf, where we had skied in 2022.

The group flew from Manchester to Munich and then continued to Austria by bus. Although Europe has been experiencing a mild spell recently with many ski resorts closing as a consequence, the Alpendorf valley run was fully white.

Upon arrival at their hotel, the pupils did their ski fit, had dinner and got some rest. They slept very well and it goes to show that pupils who experience boarding adapt to new environments very well.

Breakfast consisted of a good mix of Austrian cheeses, meats, cereal, fresh eggs and fruit. The group then headed to the slopes and the main uplift to the Kreistenalm. As they had their own bus from the hotel to the lift, the group often arrived first and as the resort was quiet, they managed to fit in over the 5 planned hours of ski tuition, some days having up to 6.5 hours of skiing.

Each day the teachers liaised with the instructors to check on each pupil’s progress. The more advanced groups skied as far as possible before returning for lunch.

After a day on the slopes, the pupils enjoyed a swim at Therme Amade, both indoors and outside. There were several waterslides open which they thoroughly enjoyed.

At the end of the trip, there was a presentation where the pupils received awards for their progress and positive attitude.

Once again, the pupils behaved impeccably and made the school proud. Mr Simpson, our Director of Sport who headed up the trip was very impressed with them.

Thank you to the staff who accompanied the pupils on this trip and showed amazing energy and enthusiasm, ensuring every child was safe and had a really positive experience.

Watch the GoPro footage of the skiing here.