On Monday 23rd May the musicians of S. Anselm’s School performed one of the most memorable and inspiring Summer Concerts that S. Anselm’s has even seen.  Held in the Hargreaves Hall, the breadth of talent on display was hugely diverse, ranging from the Rock Band’s electrifying rendition of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit and a most rhythmical and enjoyable Djembe cocktail of styles, to the combined choirs both Junior Choir and Chapel Choir performing a spell-binding Sing.  This was preceded by an intricate Rhythm of Life from the Junior Choir and swiftly followed by Chapel Choir with a polished Chattanooga Choo Choo.

The Concert began with a rousing National Anthem from the Brass Band followed by an exquisite Pie Jesu duet from Emelia with her singing teacher, Nicola Hunt.  An outstanding original composition from Harry W called Hell Rocks certainly did rock the audience who then swung to the Swing Bands Hangin’ In.  A calm Cuckoo Blues ensued from the Wind Band which was a wonderful contrast to what was about to end the concert – The Handler by Muse led by Alex, Ali and Emelia, with front man Mr Moorhouse, delivering huge amounts of energy.

What an amazing concert!  We would sincerely like to thank all our talented musicians for their hard work and scintillating performances, the audience for their enthusiastic support and of course, the S. Anselm’s staff and specialist music teachers for their continual skill and dedication in developing our musicians.