Over the last few weeks our pupils have been looking forward to the opportunity of returning to some competitive cricket matches.  The England and Wales Cricket Board say The Hundred is going to change the game forever, however they haven’t come across S. Anselm’s Super Sixes!
The boys and girls have been playing in their own separate competitions for a little over two weeks now.  Super Sixes is a fast and furious approach to the game of cricket, with the emphasis on hitting the ball hard and running fast to score as many runs as your team can in five overs.  The pupils are also responsible for organising their team positions, bowling orders and batting orders with penalty runs against them for not submitting their orders before the start of a match. The pupils are encouraged to bowl fast and take wickets, as well as scoring lots of runs as they can earn bonus points for doing so.  If you look through the results their have been many close matches and the table makes for interesting reading once you take into consideration the bonus points.
Despite the last week being pretty much a wash out for cricket, we still had time for match tea following our indoor matches and we hope to get some more games under our belts this week!