This week (commencing 16th November), S. Anselm’s took part in a range of activities in support of National Anti-Bullying Week 2020.

The week began with assemblies which were dedicated to raising awareness about the week, and pupils were also given information leaflets outlining why bullying is unacceptable, including advice regarding what to do if any child encounters this behaviour.  Pupils also took part in age appropriate debates, held during form time, using the Votes 4 Schools theme ‘Is it important to fit in at school?’ The pupils openly discussed their views and voted at the end of the session.

Other activities included the creation of Victorian style anti-bullying posters by Year 5 and the very popular ‘Odd Socks Day’ on Thursday for the whole school (including teachers!). Another quite wonderful activity saw pupils create ‘Happiness Jars’ for each other, whereby they each wrote kind, positive comments for each other and put them in their class mates’ jars. By the end they were bursting at the lids, with all the lovely comments and kind words!

As a school, S. Anselm’s has a zero tolerance policy regarding bullying, and enthusiastically supports Anti-Bullying Week annually.