School Bus Routes

Our School Bus services are a popular and convenient option for many pupils and their families, and may be booked on a weekly basis of just for a particular night/s or morning/s of the week.  Please note, parents should notify the School Office when they wish to start using a particular bus service, and thereafter let the bus driver know of any changes to your daily / weekly arrangements.  Details of the individual bus routes, times and driver contact numbers are shown below.  For information on prices, please contact the School Bursary at:

If you need to leave a message on a bus drivers’ phone, an acknowledgement must be received before the booking or cancellation should be considered as confirmed.  In case of any problems, please contact the school office between 8.00am and 5.30pm.

Chesterfield morning journey

Contact: David Hadfield on 07710 395484

7.40am: ‘Doughnut car park’, Central Chesterfield

7.45am: The Highfield Public House, Newbold

7.50am: The Peacock Inn, Cutthorpe

8.00am: The Fox & Goose Public House, Pudding Pie Hill

8.10am: The Robin Hood Public House, Baslow

8.15am: Devonshire Green, Baslow


Sheffield morning journey

Contact: Kevin Gallimore on 07710 395393

7.30am: Endcliffe Park

7.45am: The Dore Moor Inn

7.50am: Fox House

8.00am: Hathersage

8.10am: Grindleford


Matlock morning journey

Contact:  Sheryl Shirt (Mon-Fri) / Martin Harrison (Sat) on 07710 395392

7.45am: Cromford Market Place

7.55am: Matlock Station car park (behind Sainsburys)

8.05am: Darley Dale Methodist Church

8.10am: Rowsley (opposite the Peacock Inn)


Ashbourne morning journey

Contact: Ian Gray on 07710 395390.

7.40am: Ashbourne Waitrose car park

7.50am: Tissington Village

8.00am: Alsop Station

8.05am: Newhaven (Carriages Restaurant)

8.15am: Monyash



Please contact the Bursary for details on 01629 816815.


Chesterfield Return

Contact: David Hadfield on 07710 395484

5.20pm: Devonshire Green, Baslow

5.25pm: The Robin Hood Public House, Baslow

5.35pm: The Fox & Goose Public House, Pudding Pie Hill

5.45pm: The Peacock Inn, Cutthorpe

5.55pm: The Highfield Public House, Newbold

6.05pm: ‘Doughnut car park’, Central Chesterfield  


Sheffield Return Journey

Contact: Kevin Gallimore on 07710 395393

5.15pm: Grindleford

5.25pm: Hathersage

5.35pm: Fox House

5.45pm: The Dore Moor Inn

6.00pm: Endcliffe Park


Matlock Return Journey

Contact:  Sheryl Shirt (Mon-Wed) / Martin Harrison (Thurs & Fri) on 07710 395392 

5.15pm: Rowsley (opposite the Peacock Inn)

5.20pm: Darley Dale Methodist Church

5.30pm: Matlock Station car park (behind Sainsburys)

5.40pm: Cromford Market Place


Ashbourne Return Journey

Contact: Ian Gray on 07710 395390.

5.15pm: Monyash

5.25pm: Newhaven (Carriages Restaurant)

5.30pm: Alsop Station

5.40pm: Tissington Village

5.50pm: Ashbourne Waitrose car park