S. Anselm’s Houses

S. Anselm’s has a long established House tradition which is at the heart of achieving our school aims and ethos.  Our Prep School Houses were established in 1947, each with its own colours, crest and flag, and S. Anselms’ College continues the tradition with its own Houses.


Prep School Houses

Children and staff at S. Anselm’s are divided into four Houses and engage in a plethora of House competitions which take place throughout the year including inter-house sports, the annual pancake races, steeplechase, flag contest, the House Shout and House General Knowledge Contest and times table challenge.

The Houses are named after four of our most famous national heroes:





Children are allocated to Houses on arrival at school and siblings or other family relations are automatically allocated to the same house, thereby avoiding any potential difficulties.

All the children learn the history of their House hero and have a weekly House meeting on a Thursday morning. Here plans are laid and often the children decide to do some independent fundraising for a charity of their choice.

Children earn House Points in various ways, including for excellent school work, manners, courtesy and doing good deeds.

House loyalties are fiercely defended and when house points are counted up at the end of each week the victorious House gets to raise their own House Flag in the school car park for all to see.

College Houses

S. Anselm’s College decided to name their Houses after famous women, whose achievements deserve greater prominence.  Students made presentations on several inspirational women through the College Council and the winning names for each House were decided by a vote:


House colour: Orange

Marie Curie is remembered for her discovery of radium and polonium, and her huge contribution to finding treatments for cancer.


House colour: Teal

American aviation pioneer, Amelia Earhart, was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, also setting many other records.


House colour: Purple

Emmeline Pankhurst was a leading British women’s rights activist and organiser of the UK suffragette movement which helped win the right for women to vote.

Students are allocated to a House upon joining the College, with siblings or other family relations automatically allocated to the same House.  As far as possible, we aim to ensure the Houses are fairly balanced in size, gender and ethnicity and in terms of the academic, sporting, musical and other strengths and interests of their members.  Houses meet once a week to discuss and plan their activities.

Inter-House competitions abound, from sports tournaments such as the annual College Hill Run in Edale and pentathlon, to the House Quiz and Great College Bake Off.  The House system within the College encourages integration between year groups and helps to forge a friendly – but competitive – identity at College and whole school events, as well as creating opportunities for teamwork, leadership and participation beyond academic studies.


S. Anselm's puts its commitment to the safeguarding and protection of the children in our care at the heart of everything we do