Our Senior Boarders enjoyed a fabulous Murder Mystery theme night last night, entering into the spirit of the evening by preparing their characters, costumes and props with great enthusiasm.  The majority were playing the role of employees of a 1920s film company – from the hard working chauffeur to the actors themselves.

After mocktails and a delicious supper party of fajitas followed by profiteroles, the guests formed groups to challenge the prestigious and flamboyant Film Director, Vincenzo Vincente (played by Mr Watkin-Holmes), about how unhappy they were working for him.  He was most offended and after a dramatic exit, was later found shot.  Who could have done such a thing?

 … Bruce Danunder (impressively portrayed by Mr Mortimer), was eventually discovered to be the culprit.  

Theme nights are hugely popular in the boarding house and anticipation is already growing for our Junior Boarders’ ‘Manhunt, BBQ and Campfire’ evening in a couple of weeks’ time.