Special Occasions

At S. Anselm’s we relish special occasions, celebrating our traditional events and festivals to the full.  If something is worth doing, we believe it is worth doing properly.

We hope that children will look back on their time at S. Anselm’s with fondness, remembering the fun of the Pancake Day races, Halloween and special feasts and cherishing the important traditions of Christmas, Easter, Remembrance and other festivals, including:

Burns night
Pancake races
Ash Wednesday
House Shout
Mufti days
Remembrance Day
Christmas Lunch
Christmas Fair

Boarders’ Christmas Feast
Nativity Productions
Christmas Pantomime
Bonfire Night
Spanish / French Days
Pet Show
Sports Day
Brailich Hill Run
S. Anselm’s Day

The school reviews Fees annually but they are subject to change at a term’s notice.