Bloodcurdling screams resounded around Bakewell on the evening of Wednesday, 4 November as 70 pupils joined us for the annual S. Anselm’s Zombie Chase.

Their task was to find 20 letters hidden around the school site (both inside and outdoors), which spelt a Halloween phrase, negotiating spooky props, eery music, dramatic lights and some very dark conditions in the process.

As if all this wasn’t frightening enough, the pupils encountered the added thrill of coming face to face with a number of Zombies, who could pop out at any time to spook and scare them.

S. Anselm’s staff once again came up trumps, with some fabulous costumes and fantastic role play. There was another surprise for our pupils this year with the addition of our year 11 College students, who also dressed up as Zombies; each one being brilliantly convincing!

Great fun was had by all, with the 2020 Zombie Chase yet again being a spookily huge success!