And the results are announced!

We are enormously proud of all our pupils who competed so well and earned many sporting achievements.  In many events there were up to 6 heats and 30 pupils participating so our winners have earned their victory!

Thanks to all the Sports and teaching staff for their truly professional organisation of the day, to our catering teams for going the extra mile – the House coloured cup cakes were a major success – and to Mr Repton and the groundsmen for the immaculate presentation of Top Field, which was much appreciated by all.  Despite all the restrictions this year, we are delighted that Sports Day was a true S. Anselm’s occasion and day to remember! 

Junior Sports Day Overall Winners:

EventWinnerHouseTime / Distance
Boys’ HowlerEdward GChurchills21.40m
Girls’ HowlerElsa SPitts13.30m
Boys’ Ball ThrowEdward GChurchills26.14m
Girls’ Ball ThrowRita S F CWellingtons17.19m
Boys’ Long JumpPrince OWellingtons2.55m
Girls’ Long JumpElsa SPitts3.01m
Boys’ 75mPrince OWellingtons12.5s
Girls’ 75mElsa SPitts12.8s
Boys’ 200mPrince OWellingtons38.3s
Girls’ 200mElsa SPitts37.00s
Boys’ 300mCaleb K-LWellingtons61.6s
Girls’ 300mElsa SPitts58.5s * New School Record!*
Boys’ 800mCaleb K-LWellingtons3.20m
Girls’ 800mElsa SPitts3.20m


Middles Sports Day Overall Winners:

EventWinnerHouseTime / Distance
Boys’ HowlerMichael ONelsons35.0m
Girls’ HowlerGrace NNelsons25.10m
Boys’ Ball ThrowMichael ONelsons38.41m
Girls’ Ball ThrowGrace NNelsons25.10m
Boys’ Long JumpHarry NWellingtons3.23m
Girls’ Long JumpTilly MNelsons2.91m
Boys’ 100m

Edward J &

Eddie I



Girls’ 100mAmelia GChurchills17.5s
Boys’ 200mEdward JChurchills35.4s
Girls’ 200mElspeth D-WPitts40.4s
Boys’ 300mEdward JChurchills55.7s
Girls’ 300mElspeth D-WPitts63.3s
Boys’ 800mOscar CPitts2.59m
Girls’ 800mElspeth D-WPitts3.23m


Senior Sports Day Overall Winners:

EventWinnerHouseTime / Distance
Boys’ DiscusMax CPitts19.63m
Girls’ DiscusRuby BChurchills18.40m
Boys’ HowlerAidan LWellingtons46.70m
Girls’ HowlerEstee H-BChurchills32.50m
Boys’ Shot PuttFreddie HNelsons9.00m
Girls’ Shot PuttHillary ONelsons7.23m
Boys’ Long JumpGoodluck ONelsons4.35m
Girls’ Long JumpIsabella MChurchills3.97m
Boys’ 75m HurdlesFreddie HNelsons12.9s
Girls’ 75m HurdlesIsabella MChurchills13.1s
Boys’ 100mJames SWellingtons13.7s
Girls’ 100mIsabella MChurchills14.4s
Boys’ 200mFreddie HNelsons29.9s
Girls’ 200mIsabella MChurchills31.5s
Boys’ 300mFreddie HNelsons47.6s
Girls’ 300mSophie GNelsons53.3s
Boys’ 800mFreddie HNelsons2.35m
Girls’ 800mSophie GNelsons3.05m


Overall Results

1st place

with 1901 points

2nd place

with 1832 points

3rd place

with 1516 points

4th place

with 1493 points


With our special thanks to Sheryl, Paul and Mr Repton!