Sports Fixtures

Team lists are displayed on the noticeboard in the Sports Hall entrance so the children are aware of whether they are in a particular team or event. They then are uploaded to the school website and school calendar as soon as possible there after.

Saturday afternoons … Year 6 to 8 pupils who are not in one of the Saturday afternoon matches and who are participating in sports training in school, should be collected at 3.30pm.  Please note that attendance at Saturday afternoon training sessions is compulsory for all pupils in Year 6 to 8, who are not playing in a match.  Thank you.

Match teas … All pupils selected for a match are expected to stay for match teas. All players must stay until the end of their match too.


Week commencing Monday 20th June 2022










Spectators at Matches


To enable families to attend matches safely during the present time and remain compliant with Covid guidelines, we ask you to read and carefully adhere to the following S. Anselm’s Spectators Code of Conduct, that has been drawn up by our Sports Department.

Thank you.