To mark the end of Year 3’s Project on the Stone Age, the children made their very own settlement in our school grounds!  Their Stone Age village comes complete with camouflaged south facing shelters, a fire for keeping warm and cooking meat, a spear throwing and tool making area, a pond for catching shellfish and a food preparation site with coil pots to store edible berries, roots and shoots.  Also featured in the camp, was a ‘tracking’ zone where animal footprints, found in the mud, could be followed by the tribe and a jewelry making area, so everyone could recognise who belonged to their tribe. The site’s very own ‘drying wrack’ enabled animal skins to be scraped and prepared to be sewn into clothes with a bone needle and string made from animal guts.


The Stone Age tribe worked hard to create their settlement and then had lots of fun filming a series of clues for their parents to guess, ‘Who lives in a place like this?’  Even Mrs Hunter took advantage of the fabulous Stone Age site and took all the pupils back down for an amazing drama lesson where everyone was ‘in character.’  The videos are stored on the Year 3 area of Microsoft Team for parents to enjoy watching at their leisure. The children even filmed the ‘answer’ to see if their parents guessed correctly.


Year 3 is now looking forward to moving on to the Bronze and Iron Ages to explore how humans continued to develop.