Earlier this week, the S. Anselm’s Music Department hosted their highly anticipated Summer Concert, and let me tell you, it was a show to remember! The event was packed with enthusiastic parents and relatives, so much so that standing room was all that remained in the sweltering yet electric atmosphere of Hargreaves Hall.

The evening kicked off with a bang as the Brass Band, comprised of talented students from Years 5 to 8, silenced the chatter with their invigorating Chinese fanfare, followed by a spirited rendition of “Pastime With Good Company.” Then came the moment for soloist George T to shine, and boy, did he deliver! His alto saxophone performance of the jazzy grade 6 piece “Black Sheep” was filled with vitality and panache, leaving the audience in awe.

Next up was the Girls’ Close Harmony Group, consisting of five Year 7 girls. Their mesmerizing rendition of “Time After Time” captivated the audience with its sheer beauty. The tempo picked up again as the Djembe and Conga group, led by the talented Mr Rawson alongside Constantine and George, rhythmically hypnotized the room with their challenging and meticulously polished polyrhythms in the performance of “Sorsornet.”

The Junior Choir, under the guidance of Mrs Baynes, showcased their impressive vocal skills by demonstrating their ability to change vocal colour tones in the song “Changing Channels.” They followed it up with a crowd-pleasing rendition of “Do, Re, Mi” from the beloved musical “The Sound of Music.”

The Chapel Choir took the stage next, filling the room with their professional performance of the harmonious “O Shenandoah.” And as a delightful contrast, they delivered an energetic rendition of “Lean on Me” with outstanding solo performances by Nell and Tilly. But the musical delights didn’t stop there. Tilly M remained on stage to grace us all with a captivating and sensitive performance of “A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square.”

Now, it was time to crank up the volume! Alfie on drums, accompanied by Alex and teacher Mr Moorhouse, unleashed an original riff that set the stage on fire. They quickly followed it up with a powerful rendition of “Time is Running Out” by the popular band Muse. Stanley brought the thunder on the bass guitar, while Alex’s drumming skills and Mr Moorhouse’s dulcet tones added an electrifying energy to the room.

The Boys’ a Capella performance of Coldplay’s “Yellow” showcased their exquisite five-part harmony and left the audience in awe. Then, musicians from Year 4 to 8, part of our weekly Wind Band, adorned the stage to deliver a fast-paced and scintillating medley from “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

As the concert neared its end, it was time for two more large ensembles to take the stage and wow the already ecstatic audience. First up was The Rock Band, who truly brought the house down. They cranked up their amps, plugged in their guitars, blew a few fuses (oops!), and sound-checked their microphones before launching into a nostalgic rendition of Nirvana’s “Come As You Are,” transporting many in the crowd back to their youthful days and creating an absolutely awesome atmosphere.

But wait, there was one more band that could follow this act and keep the energy flowing. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you The Swing Band! With their balanced and musical prowess, they skillfully played “Green Onions,” leaving everyone in awe of their talent and ending the concert on a high note.

A huge congratulations to all the performers for their outstanding contributions, and a special shoutout to the dedicated staff who provided unwavering support throughout the evening. Let’s not forget to express our gratitude to the incredible peripatetic staff here at S. Anselm’s School, whose dedication and expertise make events like these truly unforgettable. Well done, everyone!