We were delighted to host our termly Prep School Debating Society Competition last Thursday.
Report by Mr Mace, Head of English
The evening started with a lovely burger and chips feast, followed up by Eton Mess and washed down with lemonade.  This ensured our debaters were well prepared for the challenges that awaited in the library!
The first motion stated that “McDonald’s is better than Subway!”  This debate focused closely on the ethical, economic, and environmental issues surrounding both companies.  The judges had a hard time separating the teams, but Ollie and Sophie managed to down their opponents Freddie and Lucy who had supported the motion.  According to Ollie and Sophie, Subway is a sophisticated restaurant offering a range of delicacies.  I must visit!
Next, James proposed the motion that “Capitalism is failing!”  This was a complex and hard-fought debate and both James and Christian debated valiantly.  Though capitalism could be seen as the root of so many modern evils it could also be seen as the solution.  It was a close one, too close to call, and the judges decided that it was a draw.
Then Holly proposed that “Alton Towers is better than Disneyland!”.  Due to a late drop out, I stepped in to try to take on the titanic wit and skill of Holly.  Needless to say, I was put to the sword quickly and ruthlessly!
Lastly, Florence delivered an inspiring speech stating emphatically that fiction texts are better than non-fiction texts.  She fought alone against the formidable pairing of Bronwen and Arabella.  Some fabulous arguments (excuse the pun) were delivered and again, the judges found it hard to declare a winner.  After much discussion, Arabella and Bronwen triumphed.
Chocolate prizes were handed out and Arabella and Holly received their Debating Society badges.  Sophie (our current captain) delivered a lovely valedictory speech and handed her title over to Bronwen who will be a magnificent captain next term, I am sure.
We would like to thank our wonderful judges Miss Howes and Mr Reeves who gave some inspiring feedback, and our catering team, for a sumptuous evening meal.
Well done everyone and thank you for a hugely entertaining evening!
Mr Mace