We were entertained by two excellent debates during the last week of the Lent term. First up were Charles J and Harry W who argued that the monarchy should be abolished. These zealous republicans spoke with great skill and some persuasive humour too.

In opposition were Eloise P and Aminta who used numerous examples to remind us of the role that the royal family plays in promoting the UK and supporting vital charities. Ultimately, Charles J and Harry W triumphed but the Year 7 girls were a very close second to their older challengers. Both teams were exceptional, and it was heartening to see just how far the more experienced debaters have come thanks to their exposure to these fun competitions.

Next, Oscar C and Alfie H-S proposed that capital punishment should be re-instated. They put up a valiant fight, but Edward J and Max G put them to the sword, thanks to some superb preparation particularly by Edward J. This was a complex debate so it was the preparation that made all the difference.

All team members deserve sincere congratulations as they battled their nerves and presented convincing arguments they defended with aplomb. Chocolate prizes were awarded to all the pupils as were debating badges.

Finally, we were delighted to appoint Eloise P as the Head of Debating for 2022/3. She will be excellent and, like all our debaters, she shows enormous potential.

Well done all and thanks to the kitchen team for providing a delicious meal!