Term Dates

S. Anselm’s Term Dates 2021-2022

Lent Term 2021
Tuesday 5th January   Inset
Wednesday 6th January 08.25 Lent Term Begins
Thursday 21st January 17.00 1st Exeat
Friday 12th February 17.00 – Sunday 21st February   Half Term
Thursday 11th March 17.00 2nd Exeat
Friday 26th March 17.00 End of Term
Summer Term 2021
Monday 19th April   Inset
Tuesday 20th April   Inset
Wednesday 21st April 08.25 Summer Term Begins
Friday 30th April – Monday 3rd May 17.00 1st Exeat
Friday 28th May, 17.00 – Sunday 6th June Half Term
Thursday 17th June 17.00 2nd Exeat
Saturday 3rd July 13.00 Speech Day, End of Term
Michaelmas Term 2021
Thursday 2nd September   Inset
Friday 3rd September   Inset
Monday 6th September 08.25 Michaelmas Term Begins
Thursday 23rd September 17.00 1st Exeat
Friday 15th October 17.00 – Sunday 31st October Half Term
Thursday 18th November 17.00 2nd Exeat
Friday 10th December 17.00 End of Term
Lent Term 2022
Tuesday 4th January   Inset
Wednesday 5th January 08.25 Lent Term Begins
Thursday 20th January 17.00 1st Exeat
Friday 11th February 17.00 – Sunday 20th February Half Term
Thursday 10th March 17.00 2nd Exeat
Wednesday 30th March 17.00 End of Term

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