After a full and arduous week of mock Common Entrance examinations, Year 8 had chance to work together in their House teams to finish off the week with a Tower Building Challenge, with two packets of spaghetti and one bag of marsh mallows as their materials.
The Headmaster’s Lawn was the setting, and the four corners were taken as the House teams had to work together to share ideas, come up with plans and then construct their tower. The Burj Khalifa had a mention and so did the Eiffel Tower and the Shard, as the four teams decided on strategy and shape.  In some houses the ideas flowed and in others, stalled at first, before there were technical constructions, organic formations, some tall towers and a few leaning forms!
After the allotted time, there was an official measurement by Mr Thompson and the results were as follows:
The ‘Crooked Spaghetti’ by Churchills at 163 cm won first place, at nearly twice the height of all the other entries.
The ‘Tilted Twisted Tower’ by Nelsons and the ‘Wasp Spaghetti Hive’ by Pitts drew in second place with both towers measuring 83cm, and with both having slumped to 81cm at the next count!
The ‘Leaning Tower of Pasta’ by Wellies was in fourth place at 78cm.  Apparently, it had been taller before it had started leaning to the side!
It was marvelous to see all the pupils working together cooperatively, encouraging each other to join in and coming up with some good ideas; the perfect way to end the Year 8 mock examination week!