The Richard III Centre in Leicester was transformed into a classroom for the Year 6 and 7 historians. The pupils were split into their own year groups to explore the history of the monarch and his brief reign as King of England. They also learned about the seven-year operation to recover his remains and prove their authenticity.

The museum visit was an engaging and interactive experience for the pupils, who were able to participate in a tour of the Guild Hall. There, they undertook four hands-on activities focused on crime and punishment through the ages. This immersive experience allowed the pupils to connect with the past and understand the historical context.

The highlight of the day was a debate about whether Richard III was the evil tyrant portrayed in Shakespeare’s writing or a good king who pushed for civil reforms. The pupils were able to draw on their knowledge gained throughout the day to present compelling arguments for both sides of the debate. Their ability to think critically and form well-reasoned arguments demonstrated their engagement and understanding of the material.

Throughout the day, the pupils were interested, focused and incredibly well-behaved. They observed, learned, and asked intelligent questions. Their group work was strong, as they were able to cooperate, listen, and contribute to the tasks at hand.

The Richard III Centre provided an excellent opportunity for the pupils to engage with history and learn about an important period in England’s past. The interactive exhibits and hands-on activities made the day both engaging and informative. The pupils’ enthusiasm and ability to engage with the material showcased the importance of experiential learning and the power of history to captivate young minds.

In conclusion, the day’s learning at the Richard III Centre was a resounding success. The pupils gained valuable insights into the life and times of Richard III and were able to develop important skills such as critical thinking and collaboration. The visit to the museum provided an enriching and engaging experience for the pupils and demonstrated the value of experiential learning.