On Monday 2nd of March, four pupils went to Wickersley School to compete in the UKMT Regional Maths Challenge: Ben, Charlie, James and Harriet. They were split into two pairs, A and B. Ben and  James were pair A and Harriet and Charlie were pair B.

Round 1 consisted of 10 questions and for this teams A and B worked together. The score for this round was 48/60; a very good score.

Round 2 was called the shuttle. It was split into 4 rounds, each of 8 minutes. There were 4 questions, with answers passing from one pair to the next. Points were awarded cor correct answers and speed of working. On this round we scored 44/60.

Round 3 was the crossnumber, a numerical crossword. The clues were often frustrating because (for example) sometimes 23 across would be needed to get 6 down. We got 53/56 on this round, which we are really pleased with.

Finally it was the relay. Trainers were donned for both A and B teams as this round involved running. The score was 20/60 which in context was very good score as no team comes close to completing the round.

Well done to our pairs who did very well coming 8/26 overall against some far larger schools.  Mr Mortimer was very pleased, as this was one of S. Anselms’ best results in this competition in a while.

Written by Ben, Charlie and James