S. Anselm’s School Ukraine Bursary Appeal

Help us to welcome Ukraine refugee children to the school

A number of our school families are actively working to help provide accommodation for Ukrainian families forced to move to the UK as a result of the war.

We are delighted to announce that S. Anselm’s has recently welcomed a Ukrainian pupil into Year 7. We all feel delighted and honoured that we can, in a small way, help by providing an outstanding education to a young lady who has had to leave her own school behind. There are many people in the S. Anselm’s community who would like to get involved and to help in a meaningful way. We would like to be able to offer the same support to two or three more families but we need your help to do so.


Anselm’s School Ukranian Bursary Appeal

We are now opening an appeal to raise valuable funds to help more Ukrainian children attend S. Anselm’s as day pupils. The school can support by offering assisted places but we cannot do it alone. If you would like to sponsor a child for a year, a term or contribute to their fees or additional education (such as music lessons and trips) we would be delighted. The school will contribute 33% of the cost of tuition for each further place offered and is seeking donations to support the other two thirds of the tuition fees.  We are also appealing to the network of Old Anselmians and the wider S. Anselm’s community.

Please see below to explore the options and donate if you are able.  We recognise that these are difficult times for many families economically but if you are able to help then together we will be able to offer a transformative experience for a number of displaced children and give them a chance to recapture some of their childhood.



A donation of any size is most welcome and gift aid would be additionally helpful too. We are hoping to fund around three further children to join S. Anselm’s in total. As a guide, we have given below a set of illustrations of how your donation can help:

  • A donation of £12,000 would fund average tuition fees for a year (after the school’s contribution)
  • A donation of £4,000 would fund average tuition fees for a term (after the school’s contribution)
  • A donation of £360 would fund average tuition fees for a week (after the school’s contribution)

Extras cover expenses such as trips and visits. A donation of £350 would typically cover a term’s extras.


To donate, please use our contact methods below:


Email us