The S. Anselm’s uniform is a central part of our school’s culture and we encourage all pupils to take pride in their appearance and value the sense of identity that their uniform provides.

Uniform lists for all parts of the school are available to download from the links in the right hand margin of this page.

The Prep School and Pre-Prep have Summer and Winter variations to the children’s uniform, which are worn as follows.

Michaelmas Term First half Summer Uniform
Second half Winter Uniform
Lent Term First half Winter Uniform
Second half Winter Uniform
Summer Term First half Summer Uniform
Second half Summer Uniform

Parents are asked to ensure that all clothing – including shoes – is clean, in a good state of repair and clearly labelled with your child’s initials.  Please note that all clothes and towels should be labelled with sew-on name labels only.

Bath towels (not bath sheets) for boarding and sports should be looped in the middle of the long side, with a name label sewn in one corner.


Main items of uniform can be purchased from the following suppliers:

School Uniform

Kick Off Sport
20 Firs Parade, Matlock, DE4 3AS
t:  01629 55685

Kick Off Sport offer uniform via their website as well as in their Matlock shop.

>> visit website


School Ties

School and College ties can be purchased from the School Office.

Games & PE Kit


>> visit website

Some items of sports kit are also available from:

Kick Off Sport
20 Firs Parade, Matlock, DE4 3AS
t:  01629 55685

>> visit website

Swimming Kit

Swimming kit including school logo swimming caps, boys’ swimming jammers and girls’ swimming costumes, should be purchased from: Mrs Brailich in the Sports Department.

Accessories & Jewellery

No jewellery is permitted in the Pre-Prep or Prep School.  Girls may wear a plain navy or black hair slide or hairband.

Traditional wrist watches (not smart watches) are permitted for children in the Prep School upwards.

College girls may wear a single plain stud earring of silver or gold in each ear lobe and a simple necklace with crucifix, worn beneath the collar.

Boarding Kit

Laundry bags (for new boarders only) should be purchased from:  www.washingnet.co.uk  (please ensure these are code Z100L)

Uniform Lists


Prep School

Lent Term

Boarding Boys

Boarding Girls

Day Boys

Day Girls




Second Hand Shop

School operates a second hand shop to enable parents to purchase good quality pre-used items of uniform.

Please enquire at the school office for sales and donations.


S. Anselm's puts its commitment to the safeguarding and protection of the children in our care at the heart of everything we do