On Thursday 4th July, we celebrated our annual themed event and this year it was called ‘Up, Up & Away Day!’.

The morning saw the children enjoying a variety of activities including kite making, meeting a barn owl called Plop, and the chance find out all about hang gliding and flying model aircraft.

The afternoon marked the end of the seven weeks of inventive challenges set for our pupils. The children proudly displayed their creations, including a wonderful exhibition of artwork and models linked to flight, some extremely impressive trebuchets, homemade catapults and soaring air rockets!

Each project reflected the weeks of hard work, problem-solving and teamwork that our pupils and their families put in to the ‘Up, Up and Away Day!’ challenges.

Adding to the thrill of the day, we were honoured to welcome several special guests. Among our special guests was a former pupil, now a helicopter pilot at just 17 years old, who inspired the students with exciting tales of his aerial adventures. Additionally, two skilled hang gliders demonstrated their craft, captivating the audience with their soaring skills. The day also featured an impressive display of Birds of Prey, the chance to perfect your skills at archery and a spectacular Model Aircraft exhibition.

Throughout the afternoon, the House Stalls also raised lots of money for their chosen charities by selling delicious homemade treats and inventing some entertaining fun games linked to our theme of flight.
Bean on the Edge and Sunshine Pizza also provided some delicious drinks and snacks for all the spectators to enjoy.

The icing on the cake was seeing two Apache helicopters fly right over our wonderful sports field!

Miss Flack, the driving force behind the themed day, said, “It was fabulous to see so many pupils, parents and staff enjoying the day together. A special thank you must go to all the ‘flying enthusiasts’ who gave up their time to come and inspire us. As always, the S. Anselm’s family never ceases to impress, and it is incredibly rewarding to be part of such a special community.”
We would like to mention the following who made the day so memorable: Dark Peak Model Aircraft, Avian Online Hang Gliders, Kuki Helicopters, Community Kite Project and Wayne Chesterman Falconry Experiences.
A final thank you must go to TRANSPAKSHIP for kindly sponsoring our themed day.