So what do we do on Sports Day when we have no children in school? We hold a virtual event!

Our Sports Day was scheduled for the first week back after half term, but with the current situation we knew this would not be possible; so as not to disappoint our pupils, the PE Department came up with an alternative; VSD (Virtual Sports Day!).

The brief was introduced on Monday, by Mrs Brailich (Head of Boarding and Assistant Director of Sport) via a YouTube clip demonstrating a full decathlon, with items that could be found around everyone’s homes and gardens. A plastic plate for a discus, garden chairs and canes for hurdles, a rolling pin for a relay baton and wooden spoon, with plastic toy egg. Pupils and staff were hooked and clips began rolling in thick and fast. Producing the film was a relay in itself, with Mr Critchlow and Mr Hearne helping with the editing and collation of the clips; before they were passed on to our Director of Sport, Mr Simpson, who added the music, put all the clips together and produced the final 10 minute masterpiece: VSD The Movie!

The movie was viewed by pupils on Friday morning during their Tutor Group session. In the afternoon there was a Powerpoint Sports Trivia Quiz.  A link to the movie, along with another Sports Trivia Quiz, aimed at children, parents and grandparents, were then emailed home in the afternoon for families to continue the VSD fun over the weekend.

Mrs Brailich had this to say:
“What an amazing week it has been! A huge thank you to everyone who helped set up, film and send in the clips; they were brilliant! In all, 82 of our pupils from Nursery up to Year 8 sent in footage and it was just like having you all there on Top Field, we loved watching you competing in your events. Thanks also to the 17 staff who submitted their relay footage; they were hilarious! At one point our relay actually went from Bakewell to Perth, Australia and then back to Nottinghamshire. Now that is something we could not have achieved during a real Sports Day!”

The link to the movie can be seen by clicking THIS LINK