On Thursday 20th January, the children in Year 4 were visited by an old Viking!


Niamh Duffey has written the following report of the day, which she is pleased to share with everyone:

Our Viking visitor showed us so many artefacts such as animal skins, sharp weapons and exciting games and toys. It was very interesting to learn more about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. Let me tell you more about the games.One game was called Knucklebones, I relay enjoyed playing this, first they carved a large wooden bowl and a wooden cup. Next they took some sheep bones, carved shapes and added black dots almost like a dice. The bones were shaken in the cup and they tipped out into the large bowl. If they landed on their top you were awarded 3 points and on its side 2. The lowest numbers you could collect and roll again to get a top score – this was so much fun!

We had a look at some real animal skins, he had brought in Coyote, Reindeer, Fallow Deer, Pig , Fox, Wolf and Wild Boar – the Reindeer skin was definitely the cosiest!

We also all had a go at grinding up our own wheat and barley. There were two circular stones on top of each other, the top one was turned by a handle after putting the wheat between the two stones. This was such hard work and it took so long to grind the wheat so it became white and more like flour.

‘Guess the Object’ was one of our favourite activities – we had a big selection of Viking items and we all had to guess what they were used for. There were lots of great suggestions but no one got the real answer!

We had a great day learning about the Vikings!