It was another fun weekend for our boarders, with the sun coming out after breakfast in time for their leisurely stroll around Bakewell.  They were each given money to choose and buy their own lunch and enjoyed eating it next to the river.
In the afternoon they were introduced to the game of Taskmaster, with tasks being set by the taskmaster (Mr Simpson) and each having the opportunity to earn points for their efforts.  The tasks ranged from the alphabet body part game, jungle play-doh animals, putting a nappy on Baby Chloe, a sock investigation, hymn book balance and the Scream scavenger hunt.  The pupils had a great time, with their favourites being the book balance and the ‘Scream’ tasks.  It was a closely contested competition with Annabelle just pipping Florence into second place and Prince finishing third.
After a delicious roast dinner, there was just time for some letter writing before an early night for all.