After a miserable and wet Saturday, our boarders felt very much in luck when a beautiful day dawned on Sunday.  They had been invited to visit Thornbridge Hall, where they spent a fun-filled few hours exploring the beautiful gardens, complete with secret paths, stepping stones, rock tunnels and lots of other great activities on offer.  If you have not visited Thornbridge, then we highly recommend it, as there is so much for families to do and it really is a gem of a place.  You can even sample some of Thornbridge Brewery’s finest, although our boarders happily made do with ice creams, which were absolutely as delicious.  A huge thank you to Emma and Jim Harrison, grandparents of one of our pupils for hosting the boarders and giving them such a lovely morning.  There was just time to grab a McDonald’s lunch – much needed before heading back to school for an action packed afternoon.
Yet more fun was to follow, with the boarders having a chance to not only act in some of their own Shakespeare scenes, but also take a turn in filming and directing. Under the watchful guidance of Mrs Hunter, they re-enacted a few scenes from Twelfth Night and then had a free choice of making their own movies, in the woods.  The afternoon was rounded off by the chance to watch their Shakespeare animations.
After a delicious Sunday roast supper of roast chicken and sticky toffee pudding dessert, it was time to write some letters and then have some relaxation time for the rest of the evening.
Thank you also to Mrs B and Mrs Hunter for giving up their free time to organise both of these super Sunday activities.