Weekly Bulletin

Weekly Bulletin
w/c Monday 11th November 2019

S. Anselm’s Remembers

Yesterday, S. Anselm’s pupils gathered on the Headteacher’s Lawn to honour all those who have fought in the service of our country. 

This year we particularly commemorated the service given by all Anselmians who fought in the Great War, and shared an account by Donald Storrs Fox, the eldest son of S. Anselm’s first Headmaster.  He survived the war and wrote an evocative account of his service in the Royal Flying Corps, in which he was shot down during the final days of the war and captured by the Germans.

Click here to watch and listen to a clip of the Last Post played during the service.

The Service Programme and photo gallery is published on our Latest News page.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning.  We will remember them.



Happy Exeat

This weekend is an Exeat weekend.  School will finish at 5.00pm on Thursday (Prep School & College) and 3.20pm (Pre-Prep).  There will be no after school clubs on Thursday.  Enjoy the long weekend!

Prose & Poetry Public Reading Competition

Years 6 to 8

Congratulations to all our finalists.  Full details and winners lists are available here.

Safeguarding Information Presentation

Today at 4.30pm

Mrs Seddon will be giving a presentation about child safeguarding practice for parents in the main school library.

Please confirm if you would like to attend at office@anselms.co.uk


College Michaelmas Concert

This will now take place on Tuesday 26th November

This week is Anti-Bullying Awareness Week

S. Anselm’s will be participating in Anti-Bullying Awareness Week throughout the week.  Although we always pride ourselves on the caring, friendly and positive environment we have here at S. Anselm’s, we still feel pupils must be made aware of the important messages covered during Anti-Bullying Week to help guide them through all aspects of their lives.  The children will be made aware of this in their Form Tutor sessions and weekly PSHE lesson. During these sessions, pupils will take part in a presentation provided by the Anti-Bullying Alliance entitled ‘Change Starts With Us.’

Pupils will be made aware of what bullying actually is and take part in a discussion about this important theme. Special emphasis in the older year groups will be linked to the pressures of social media and how to deal with situations that may arise.  Each pupil with receive an Anti-Bullying leaflet which highlights all the important information they have received. The children will then be asked to sign an Anti-Bullying charter agreeing not to tolerate any form of bullying at S. Anselm’s.

Today is also odd socks day where children have been wearing odd coloured socks with their normal school uniform: a great way to highlight Anti-Bullying Week and celebrate what makes us all unique!  The day sends an important message to people that they should be allowed to be themselves and be free from bullying.

If parents would like any more information on this topic, please refer to the Anti-Bullying policy on the school website.

Sports Fixtures

Changes to published information this week:


Boys’ Football U9 A&B v Old Vicarage & Ocbrook – will be VIIs not XIs


Boys’ Football U13 A v Old Vicarage (A) – cancelled
Please note the U11A&B match will go ahead as published

Sports Trophies

At the end of Sports Day last year the Games department were approached by several families about donating a trophy for events that didn’t already have one. Today we have received one of those trophies for the Middle Boys’ Discus and as Max was the first winner of the trophy his name is inscribed at the bottom of it already, but don’t worry there is enough space for the next 19 years! The sports department would like to give a huge thank you to the Carter’s for their trophy and if any other parent wishes to donate a trophy for an event that your daughter or son won last year, do get in touch.


Year 8

Classes will commence after Christmas with Canon Tony for Year 8 pupils who would like to be confirmed this year.  The Confirmation Service will be taken by the Bishop of Derby in Bakewell Parish Church on a Sunday during the Summer term (date tbc).  Please do discuss with your child whether they would like to be confirmed and register their interest with Mrs Seddon at helen.seddon@anselms.co.uk.

Diary Dates

from S. Anselm’s Friends

5th December
Christmas Fair

7th February
Quiz night

25th April
Annual Shoot & Lunch

Winter Flu Vaccinations

Years 7 – 11

We are now able to offer the winter flu immunisation to pupils in Years 7 to 11.  The cost for the vaccine is £20 approximately and this can be added to your school bill.  If you would like your child to benefit from this vaccine, please let Mrs Seddon know as soon as possible helen.seddon@anselms.co.uk.  The vaccinations are scheduled to take place on 26th November.

Car Park Notice

Car exhaust emissions

With the colder weather, it has been noted that some drivers are leaving their car engines idling whilst waiting to drop off or pick up children.

We have been asked to point out that as well as being an offence under the Highway Code and causing damage environmentally, our children risk breathing in harmful exhaust pollutants that can lead to asthma and other diseases.

Please help us to reduce emissions in the school car park by remembering to turn your engine off whilst you wait.

Head Lice

Some cases of head lice have been reported in the Junior Forms.  Please could parents check their children’s hair thoroughly this week and use the appropriate treatment if necessary/as a precaution.

Thank you

Word of the week …

verb:  malevolent

Having or showing a wish to do evil to others.

“The glint of dark, malevolent eyes.”


S. Anselm's puts its commitment to the safeguarding and protection of the children in our care at the heart of everything we do