Welcome from the Head

A child’s school years should be filled with fantastic memories – a rich tapestry of experiences spanning learning, play and friendships.

All parents seek an environment where their children can remain children for as long as possible. Here at S. Anselm’s it is just so. Through everything we do this ethos remains steadfast. We are proud of our tradition and are not ashamed to say that the values we hold dear are the very reason this school is quite unique.

Here our pupils are encouraged to be themselves; they are genuinely excited about learning and have a real thirst for knowledge. They thrive in the music and art rooms, and on the games field and stage. Pupils adore this school and are justly proud of the community they belong to and their achievements.

Our small class sizes ensure our staff can plan their teaching to embrace every pupil as an individual. Each child is cared for and nurtured in every way they need. Our teaching staff simply want the very best for all our pupils and will do all they can to help them achieve their own personal best.

Creativity and innovation are at the very centre of our values – whether through the individual or the community. It is creativity in thought and in every aspect of life that sets a S. Anselm’s pupil apart from others. We encourage our children to be creative in their thinking and nurture an environment where they can confidently embrace opportunities and explore their individuality.

We are fortunate in being located in the magnificent Peak District National Park – a worldwide destination for tourists – and our Derbyshire stone buildings create a light and homely atmosphere which always resounds with the sounds of activity and laughter.

This is a kind, caring and happy school and we are quite sure this wonderful environment will make a lasting impression on all who visit.


Lisa Donnelly
Acting Head


S. Anselm's puts its commitment to the safeguarding and protection of the children in our care at the heart of everything we do