Welcome from our Head

At S. Anselm’s children are happy and hardworking. Here, it is possible to live the joy of childhood longer and to take delight in learning and new experiences.

A warm welcome from everyone at S. Anselm’s School. We are always delighted to meet prospective families and proud to share with them our wonderful school, set in the stunning Peak District National Park.
At S. Anselm’s, children remain children longer and can enjoy an enviable start to their educational journey. It is simply a magical place to spend your childhood whilst being well supported in preparing for senior school entry at the end of Year 8.
We are unashamedly ambitious for every child and are proud of our teaching staff and our strong academic record. S. Anselm’s is an inclusive community where all pupils are encouraged to give everything a go and challenge themselves to the full. Becoming a good role model and a kind, reliable member of our community is at the centre of everything we encourage and value.

We celebrate diversity and inspire children to embrace the many opportunities on offer, with purpose, empathy and when needed, resilience, too. We are confident our children are happy and happy that our children are confident individuals.
A S. Anselm’s pupil is well-rounded, thoughtful and self-assured, having developed secure foundations with us, upon which to build their future. They have learnt to strive, to listen to others, to be tolerant and to value relationships, such that they are recognised for their positive attitude, good manners and kindness. Our school motto, Esse Quam Videri, ‘to be rather than to seem to be’ is at the heart of our school ethos.
Choosing the right school for your child is a huge decision; perhaps one of the most important a parent makes. With our fantastic on-site facilities and exceptional grounds, we encourage prospective families to visit S. Anselm’s to see for themselves everything which we have to offer.
I very much look forward to meeting you and demonstrating the many ways in which we ensure every child at S. Anselm’s is nurtured on their journey.

Lisa Donnelly

The school reviews Fees annually but they are subject to change at a term’s notice.