To mark the start of their time in the College, our Year 9 pupils (Kinder) set out to Edale on the first day of term.

They met Geoff, the local gamekeeper, at The Gathering at the bottom of Grindsbrook and then set off on a day’s adventure. They learned a lot from Geoff about the local area, its wildlife and history. Kinder particularly enjoyed learning about Jacob (and his ‘ladder’) and the different breeds of sheep. A highlight was helping Geoff and his dog Mack rescue a few stranded sheep, returning them safely to their field. Kinder were fantastic company and it is a pleasure welcoming them to the College.

Our pupils will now produce a presentation about all they have learnt which they will share with the rest of the College. A big thank you goes to Geoff and to Mr and Mrs Noel for making this trip possible.