Following some superb and mammoth efforts over the weekend to advance our progress across the Atlantic, we have passed the 1,000 mile (1,600 km) milestone!

We remain a way off reaching dry land, but hopefully by the end of the week we will be able to put the Atlantic behind us and venture into Northern America.

Well done to all the pupils, parents (who have helped enter results and provide encouragement), and to our staff who have contributed.  Just as it is important to get our pupils active and away from their screens, it is also important for the staff too!  A huge well done to you all!

The leaderboard is as follows:
1st – Wellingtons! (161 miles)
2nd – Nelson (147 miles)
3rd – Churchills (115 miles)
4th – Pitts (104 miles)
Pupils who have contributed the most are:
1st – Ollie in Year 8
2nd – Tilly in Year 6
3rd – Theo in Year 6


1st – Mrs Brailich
2nd – Mr Reeves
3rd – Mrs Schaper

1st – Mr Simpson
2nd – Miss Lee
3rd – Mr Percival


Special mention is due to those in Nursery who have submitted their entry and to our lonely rowers, Freddie in Year 8 and Theo in Year 6!

Interesting fact … walking is our most popular activity and pupils mostly prefer to record their walks in miles, whereas our runners mostly prefer to record their efforts in kilometres!