On Wednesday 11th March, Year 3 enjoyed a whole day at a chocolate factory where they found out all about the origins of chocolate, studied some real cocoa pods and beans, and took part in a factual quiz.

The pupils then had time to think of the type of bar they would like to invent and the ingredients to put inside.

As each child carefully constructed their three chocolate bars, thoughts quickly turned to what we should do with any leftover mixture!!

The final part of the day was to think of a brand name for the bar and start to design some wrappers to place around the bars.

Back at school, the children were given one of their bars to take home for their families to give their opinions.  The other bars will be used to create a TV advert where the children will use persuasive language to encourage people to buy their bars. In Project lessons they will also design and make a chocolate factory room using different forces to create their new bar.

The children were an absolute delight to take out for the day and the owner of the factory mentioned how well the pupils had focused and collaborated throughout the day.