On Monday 21st September our Year 4 pupils headed out of school to visit the Dewa Roman Experience Centre in Chester.

The first adventure of the day was exploring the museum with a guide. The children learned about many of the fascinating aspects of Roman life; what they wore, ate and how they dressed.  A particular hit was hearing about what the Romans used for medicines and in the absence of toilet roll, what they used instead!  Some archaeological digging followed this, along with looking at the unearthed Roman remains that were found under the Dewa building!

A quick trip to the gift shop and a well-earned lunch led into the afternoon activity – joining a Roman legion!

Armed with battle shields and under the ‘strict’ instruction of a Roman Centurion, everyone marched through the streets of Chester into a small park where they were split into two groups to learn two Roman defence positions with shields; The Tortoise and The Armadillo.  A quick march on and they discovered the remains of a Roman Amphitheatre.  Here, Miss Egerton and Mrs Buswell were asked to take part in a sword fight with the loser facing death.  Obviously, this was a favourite part of the day for the children!  The Centurion taught everyone how to march, using a chant ‘Sin- Sin- Sin- Dex- Sin’  this was first chanted by the Centurion and repeated by the children all the way back through Chester and drawing a lot of crowds who were enjoying the sunshine!

The children had a wonderful day, they were fantastic, listening carefully and taking part wholeheartedly in the activities!  Well Done Year 4.