Year 6 began their ‘Natural Forms’ in art classes by drawing flora and fauna from real life observation.  They drew from conkers, small branches, feathers and other treasures found on a woodland walk. They then used pen and ink and watercolour to further develop their drawings.  After looking at the work of the British painter and print maker, Mark Hearld, Year 6 created some beautiful papers before cutting out leaf shapes and then stitching these onto their pictures.
The next stage of their project was creating a linocut. They selected part of their large picture and transferred this onto an A5 piece of linoleum. They used the Reduction technique, which enabled them to layer up colours, removing more linoleum at each stage. Some pupils managed to print five colours, which is a real achievement!   The picture gallery below includes images of the children’s original artwork and images that show their linoleum after the last colour had been applied.
Mrs Bennion was most impressed with how Year 6 managed to avoid injury when carving the linoleum and line up their prints each time the right way round!
Superb work Year 6.  Your display will be very much enjoyed by everyone in school.

Work by Mark Hearld, from the Birds and Beasts exhibition.

Work by Year 6.