Our Year 8 and some Year 7 pupils wowed an enthusiastic audience with their brilliantly executed monologues on Wednesday, 9 February. The monologues were selected from a range of plays including Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Henry V, Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet.

All the pupils were magnificent! They spoke with skill, clarity and great energy and should be very proud of themselves. We were delighted to invite Benjamin Miller, Head of English from Repton School, to judge the monologues. Mr Miller is also a successful playwright and delivered some insightful feedback.

The pupils who made Mr Miller’s top four included: Isabella M, Emelia P, Holly K and Ruby B. Ruby’s Puck and Holly’s Henry V were enthralling and superbly delivered whilst Emelia and Isabella’s portrayals of Juliet were both full of earnest emotion!

We would like to thank the parents and grandparents who supported the evening as well as Mr Miller who ensured objective judgements were made. Most importantly, congratulations go to all our magnificent young participants. We shall be entering some of the competitors into the ISA National Shakespeare Monologue Competition so watch this space!