Year 7 were on excellent form last Friday for their field trip to Castleton.

During the morning, the children collected data about the benefits and problems of tourism in this area. This including scaling Mam Tor and assessing how the footpaths were eroded and also managed in places. Passing a group of six year olds already on their way down from the trig point stopped any potential moaning about the ascent! The children also asked questionnaires, recorded traffic and pedestrian flows and also analysed whether the local shops were aiming their goods at local people or at tourists. All this information will be written up in the Geography project at the start of the Michaelmas Term.

In the afternoon Year 7 visited Peveril Castle. The imposing ruins of the castle stand high above the pretty village of Castleton. Mentioned in the Domesday survey, Peveril Castle is one of England’s earliest Norman fortresses. The keep was built by Henry II in 1176. This visit will complement our investigation of the Medieval period in History lessons and the findings from the day will be written up in lessons, where we will consider castle design and function in the remaining weeks of this term.