On the morning of Thursday 10th February our Year 7 children took part in a testing ‘LEGO Innovation Challenge’.
The children have been preparing for this challenge since before Christmas and it had three main parts:
  1. Robot Game – to build and programme a robot to perform a number of precision operations on a challenge map.

2. Innovation Project – to identify a problem in the delivery of cargo to a customer and come up with and present an innovative solution to this problem to a panel of judges.

3. Core Values – to demonstrate as a team that they cared about ‘Discovery, Innovation, Impact, Inclusion, Teamwork and Fun.’

Teams were scored on each of these capabilities and the final scores were incredibly close, showing an extremely high competition standard and real effort from the pupils involved.

Teams Core Values Robot Game Innovation Project Total
LS 3 70 80 210 360
LS 1 50 120 170 340
NWJ 1 100 130 110 340
LS 2 80 90 150 320
NWJ 2 90 130 100 320
NWJ 3 70 110 100 280


The winning team was LS3, comprising of:






Arthur B

Many congratulations to each and every person who made this morning of the challenge so special, and special thanks to our guest judges, Mr Mortimer and Mr Asher.